Frequently Asked Questions

  • I called for an ambulance, why did the fire truck show up?

    The Gaffney Fire Department provides medical first responder services to our citizens and visitors. Our firefighters are trained as First Responders and some are Emergency Medical Technicians. The fire engines are dispatched the same time that the ambulance is dispatched. Many times the fire engine arrives before the ambulance and can begin treating and stabilizing the patient. All city fire engines carry medical supplies, oxygen and automatic defibrillators.

  • How come I see fire engines with lights go through a red light at an intersection and then after they go through the intersection they turn off their lights and slow down?

    Sometimes several pieces of fire apparatus are dispatched to the same incident. When the first fire engines arrives on the scene and have assessed the situation, it may be determined that one fire engine can handle the incident and the other fire engines are canceled. When you see the fire engine going through the intersection, they may not yet have received the order to cancel. Once cancelled the emergency lights are shut off when it is safe to do so and the fire truck slows down, returning to service, available to respond to the next emergency.

  • How do I get my blood pressure checked?
  • You can visit any fire station between 8:30 AM and 5 PM to have your blood pressure checked.

  • I keep going to the fire station and there is no one there, why is this?
  • When you visited the station the crew was out of the station. During the day the crew may have to leave the station for hydrant maintenance, building inspections, training and or emergency calls.

  • How can I receive a copy of a fire report?
  • A fire report can be picked up the next business day between the hours of 8:30 am and 5 pm.

  • Who do I contact for a fire inspection or a fire code violation?
  • You can reach the fire department and speak with Captain Coleman at 864-487-8516. If it is a life threatening issue call 9-1-1.

  • Who do I contact to schedule a visit to the fire department or have the fire department come to my event?
  • All public education events and station tours are scheduled through Lt Billy Bishop our Fire Marshal. He can be reached at 864-487-8516 Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5 pm. If you would like to just bring your child or children to the fire station you are welcome any time you see the fire trucks in the station and personnel are available to greet you.

  • Who is responsible for maintaining smoke detectors in long-term rental units?
  • Upon leasing a long-term rental, both the rental agent and the new occupant should verify that adequate smoke detectors are present and working properly. Thereafter the tenant is responsible for the replacement of batteries and monthly testing.

  • How do I receive a free smoke detector?
  • The Gaffney Fire Department will install a smoke detector in the home of anyone whose financial situation prevents him or her from purchasing a detector, free of charge. Battery powered smoke detectors purchased by a homeowner can also be installed free of charge for those who do not have the tools or ability to install it themselves. In rental units it is the responsibility of the landlord to provide smoke detectors per code. Contact Scott Coleman to schedule an installation or for further questions at 864-487-8516.

  • My smoke detector is chirping, what do I do?
  • If your smoke detector is chirping then you need to change the battery. Smoke alarm batteries need to be changed twice a year and tested monthly. If you need assistance with changing your battery contact Scott Coleman at 864-487-8516. If you feel that an immediate response is needed or you smell or see smoke call 9-1-1. Most battery-operated smoke detectors have a ten-year life span. If changing the battery does not stop the detector from chirping, the detector may need to be replaced.